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Opening of The Return. The Oldest Surviving Book in Latvian exhibition

Launching the Latvian National Library (NLL) multi-year series of events for the 500 Years of Latvian Books celebration, from 21 September 2021 to 29 January 2022 the NLL hosted the Atgriešanās. Senākā dzīvā grāmata latviešu valodā (The Return. The Oldest Surviving Book in Latvian) exhibition. In parallel with the exhibition opening, a Catalogue of the Rīga Jesuit College book collection, created by NLL bibliographers, was unveiled. Visitors had an opportunity to look at the oldest surviving book published in Latvian – the Catechism of Dutch Jesuit Petrus Canisius (1521–1597), translated into Latvian and published in 1585.


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