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Kristīne Zaļuma's lecture at Mālpils Manor

On 18 March 2023, a meeting within the series of events “Morning with a Literary Scholar” was held in Mālpils Manor, where the historian, Kristīne Zaļuma, Head of the Latvian Studies and Baltic Centre of the National Library of Latvia, told about the echoes of the "reading revolution" in the libraries of Vidzeme manors and in the hearts of readers. The live recording of the event can be watched on Facebook of the cultural centre "Siguldas devons".

In the lecture, K. Zaļuma looked into the bookshelves of Vidzeme manor libraries, especially in the first half of the 19th century, and searched for answers to questions that really touched the hearts of readers, who included reading material in various languages and industries in their daily lives. Who created this special cultural space for reading in the countryside of Vidzeme during that particular period of time?


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